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The 3 Key Methods of Small Business Valuation

Whether you’ve already decided to sell your business, or just want to keep your cards on the table for the future, having a good idea of what your business is worth is important. Any sale of a business comes with lots of questions and choices and deciding on the value of the business is the […]

#business accounting#business valuation#tips for business owners

Written by prositesfinancialAug 26 • 3 minute read

Streamline Your Small Business Cash Flow With These 5 Tips

Regardless of the size of your business or the state of your cash flow situation and strategy, there are certain things that apply across the board. If your cash flow strategy could use a boost, here are several ideas to help you operate more efficiently, bring you to profitability and keeping you there. 1. Go […]

#business accounting#cash flow management#tips for business owners

Written by prositesfinancialJun 25 • 3 minute read

7 Key Steps to Forming a New LLC

If you have a small business of any kind, there are many reasons you might want to form an LLC. LLCs are eligible for more expense deductions than individuals, and they also provide significant liability protection. The acronym LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. An LLC exists as a separate entity from its owners, which […]

#business accounting#forming an LLC#new business formation

Written by prositesfinancialJun 11 • 4 minute read

Filing 1099 Forms for Your Independent Contractors

The IRS form 1099-MISC, commonly abbreviated to just 1099, is a form that summarizes annual income from non-employee compensation for a tax filer. This form is what the IRS uses to calculate taxes on all the income independent contractors generate. If you paid more than $600 over the tax year to an independent contractor or […]

#1099 Forms#business accounting#Independent contractors

Written by prositesfinancialMay 21 • 4 minute read

Ten Tips for Small Businesses to Help Prevent an IRS Tax Audit

Each year, well over a million taxpayers will typically be selected by the IRS for audit. No one wants to get that dreaded notice in the mail, so let’s look at ten tips that could help you avoid ending up on their annual tax audit list. 1. Know When to File This may be counter-intuitive, […]

#audits#business accounting#tax preparation

Written by prositesfinancialMay 13 • 4 minute read

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