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6 Useful College Savings Tips for Parents Starting Out Late

Most high-school graduates today are heading off to college to earn a degree. However, college degrees can be extremely expensive, and are a big burden for many families to bear. Saving for college is often something that gets postponed and tends to sneak up on people. Most families get wrapped up in handling day to […]

Written by prositesfinancialDec 4 • 4 minute read

9 Reasons Why Cash is Still King, Even Today

It’s no secret that we live in a digital and debt-driven society. With more aspects of our lives being financed, monthly payments are becoming a huge chunk of most budgets. First it was housing, then it was cars, then college education. Now it’s everything from computers to smartphones, clothing and even food. Credit cards and […]

Written by prositesfinancialNov 25 • 5 minute read

7 Ways to Raise Capital for a New Startup

Creating a startup business is often a daunting task, one that involves taking significant risks and working incredibly hard. Perhaps the most challenging thing for most startup founders is the task of raising adequate capital to launch the new startup and get it to the point of profitability. 1. Angel Investors These investors are always […]

Written by prositesfinancialNov 19 • 3 minute read

4 Ways to Create Passive Income With Your Investment Portfolio

Passive income is income that comes in without effort or time in the being expended to create it. Once you make the initial required investment of time or money, the investment produces returns automatically over time, with minimal intervention. There are many different types of passive income investments, and they are certainly not equal. Some […]

Written by prositesfinancialNov 5 • 4 minute read

Ten Tips to Strengthen Your 401(k) Plan

While there are many things in life that we should be doing, maintaining a healthy and robust 401(k) plan does not need to be one of them. With some good management habits, basic discipline, and consistency, your 401(k) plan can perform very well and serve you well. In this article, we’ll explore ten tips that […]

Written by prositesfinancialOct 29 • 4 minute read

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