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Understanding Cryptocurrency

As with any financial investment, you should do independent research before you buy any cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset used as a medium of exchange with heavy cryptography for the security of transactions and to control the creation of additional units. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control, not central banking systems, which works through distributed ledger […]

Written by prositesfinancialSep 17 • 4 minute read

Using a 529 Plan To Save For College

A 529 plan is a savings plan that is used to save money for college which offers certain tax and financial aid benefits. 529 plans are quite versatile and they can be used for other things too, such as K-12 tuition bills. The Types of 529 Plans There are a couple of different types of […]

#college fund savings#investment tips#paying for college

Written by prositesfinancialSep 3 • 4 minute read

Tips to Help You Reach Your Savings Goals

We all know saving and budgeting can be hard, but at the same time very important to reaching key life goals and paying off major debts such as credit card bills, car financing, student loans, and mortgages. Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you save more money toward your goals and achieve […]

#Budgeting and saving#Cash only

Written by prositesfinancialAug 21 • 4 minute read

Asset Allocation Basics for New Investors

You can think of Asset Allocation like slicing up a pie. The pie is your investment portfolio, and the slices are made up of different forms of investments such as cash and various securities. These might include such investments as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, private equity, and cash equivalents. The idea here is […]

#asset allocation#personal investments#portfolio division

Written by prositesfinancialAug 6 • 5 minute read

Stock Market Investing: Where to Begin?

Perhaps you have saved up a bit of extra cash and have been wondering how to put it to work, or maybe you have a larger amount, but it is not currently growing, and you’d like to work towards having a healthy retirement nest egg in the future. Whatever your reason for being curious about […]

#personal investments#stock market#stock market investing

Written by prositesfinancialJul 23 • 5 minute read

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