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Why Virtual Accounting Is on the Rise

Written by prositesfinancialSep 8 • 2 minute read

Accounting has been an essential part of every business since time immemorial. Both profit-making and non-profit organizations require accounts management to keep their finances in check. In simpler terms, accounting tracks money that flows in and out of your business and monitors its assets. An accounting expert deals with financial duties like bookkeeping, taxes, investment planning, and forecasting as you focus on your business growth.

What Is Virtual Accounting?

Virtual accounting is a system whereby the accounting professional offers services remotely. Under this arrangement, the service provider assists without using your company’s office space. Virtual accounting is quite affordable and also saves time compared to the traditional way of handling accounting. Here are just a few reasons why virtual accounting is on the rise.

It’s Cost-effective

Are you looking for a way to cut costs for your growing business? Then adopt virtual accounting. Outsourcing remote accounting experts can save you up to 50% of the total cost of hiring an in-house accountant. Additionally, having an in-house accounting department requires proper employee resources, which can be expensive to establish and maintain. With virtual accounting, your business will not need to pay for expenses like training, background checks, or annual leave for a full accounting department.

No Lengthy Recruiting Process

You can hire a virtual accounting professional directly from online portals managed by reputable accounting companies. In this way, you can get quality professional services within a short period. Regular recruitment of full-time accounting experts takes time, resources, and energy.


Everything related to virtual accounting happens online. You can access most of your business documents and accounting reports online. Additionally, you can connect with your accounting service provider from your preferred location, which can be particularly convenient if you’re traveling or handling an emergency.

Superior Technology

With virtual accounting services, your business can benefit from superior cloud technology without the need to pay for expensive in-house software. Your cloud services will be managed by experts, which can save you the cost and effort of hiring an IT team.

Improved Productivity

Hiring a virtual accounting firm can save you and your business a significant amount of time, money, and labor. In turn, you and your team will be able to focus on expanding your business rather than dealing with day-to-day accounting and data management tasks. In many cases, this increase in efficiency can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Virtual Accounting During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has made social distancing a norm globally. It is therefore essential for organizations to practice contactless business whenever possible. Many institutions have adopted work-from-home policies to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Virtual accounting also comes in handy during this period. By hiring virtual service providers, you will have reduced the number of people coming into your office and helped to limit the spread of COVID-19.

What Services Do Virtual Accounting Firms Offer?

Virtual accounting firms offer services under three main categories: taxes, bookkeeping, and accounting. You can receive professional support in each of these areas without holding any face-to-face meetings. There are a variety of well-known, reputable virtual accounting firms. You only have to choose the firm that suits your business needs and budget.


Virtual accounting enables businesses to receive quality services and superior technology at an affordable cost. Thanks to advanced technology, every aspect of your accounting can be completed online, from your initial consultation to your day-to-day bookkeeping. Regardless of your business sector, virtual accounting has the potential to drive efficiency as you work toward your long-term goals.

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