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How Does Unemployment Impact Taxes?

Unemployment benefits are a financial resource for people who lose their jobs. However, the IRS and some state authorities consider unemployment benefits taxable income. It is best to pay your unemployment taxes to avoid problems with tax authorities. When it comes to your unemployment and taxes, you may have lots of questions. Keep reading to […]

Written by prositesfinancialMar 29 • 2 minute read

4 Tips to Maximize Your Tax Refund

It’s hard to get excited at the prospect of preparing your tax returns, but the possibility of a tax refund, whether big or small, can make it worthwhile. You can maximize your tax refund by making the most of every possible tax break. Getting your money back is all about being smart about how you […]

Written by prositesfinancialMar 22 • 3 minute read

How to Protect Your Financial Identity

Identity theft, data breaches, and fraud affect millions of people in the United States each year. Financial identity thieves seek to obtain and use your financial data to steal your money or commit fraud. They can use your personal data to apply for loans or credit cards in your name, rack up purchases, raid your […]

Written by prositesfinancialMar 15 • 3 minute read

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to File Your Taxes

After the IRS extended the tax deadline in 2022 to May 17, some people may not be in a hurry to file their taxes, hoping that the deadline for tax filing will also be extended again in the year 2023. However, taxpayers won’t have quite as much time to file in 2023, as the deadline […]

Written by prositesfinancialMar 8 • 3 minute read

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